Tentara Amerika Puji Kesuksesan TNI Gelar Latihan Militer Terbesar Sepanjang Sejarah

American Army Praises TNI's Success in Holding Largest Military Exercise in History

KORAN - Asembagus, Situbondo -  Head of TNI General Lt. Gen. Bambang Ismawan, SS, MM, officially closed the joint exercise with Super Garuda Shield 2023. The Super Garuda Shield exercise which involved multinational joint forces from three dimensions of Land, Sea and Air in addition to encouraging regional and international cooperation as well as cultural interactions, this exercise also aims to increase the military capabilities and interoperability of participating countries in carrying out joint operations not only between dimensions but also between countries with various levels of difficulty due to differences in doctrine. This was conveyed by TNI Commander Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, SE, MM. Closing ceremony for the 2023 Joint Joint Super Garuda Shield training exercise, which took place at the Baluran 5 Marine Combat Training Center Ceremonial Field, Asembagus, Wednesday (13/9/2023).

Latgabma Super Garuda Shield is an effort to improve multilateral relations between countries which is reflected in the form of a commitment to friendship between countries as a strategic partnership that plays an important role in harmonious defense and security. This was the speech of the TNI Commander, Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, which was read by Head of the TNI General Lt. Gen. Bambang Ismawan, SS, MM

"In this year's exercise we have witnessed an increase in partner countries participating, both those who sent troops and defense equipment and those who sent observers," concluded TNI Lieutenant General Bambang Ismawan. 

"The ability, dedication and professionalism demonstrated by all participants during the training has exceeded expectations," he added.

Meanwhile, Colonel David J. Zinn, Deputy Commander for General Operations, 25th Infantry Division, US Army, praised and expressed his gratitude to the TNI for being professional and extraordinary hosts. He also said that this exercise provided many lessons about interoperability and encouraged better cooperation in the region.

Super Garuda Shield 2023 is an annual exercise whose scope and size has grown significantly since 2009. This exercise shows the commitment of the seven participating countries and 12 observer countries to partnership and the realization of a free and open Indo-Pacific. Also present at the closing ceremony were Dankodiklat TNI, Wakapuspen TNI and other TNI officials. (Ed)

Source: TNI Puspen

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